About our school

About our school

The Montessori College is an independent, comprehensive secondary school (vwo, havo, vmbo-t / k / b) with offices in Groesbeek and in Nijmegen. With around 250 employees, education is provided to 1870 students. We form a workplace for powerful personal development and a pleasant community with attention and space for each other.

The Montessori College sees education as part of the total development of the pupil. A development towards independence, creativity and social responsibility. Since the establishment of the Montessori College in 1993, school management and employees have worked with great energy to design montessori education for very diverse groups of pupils. In addition, the foundations of Montessori educational logistics are not only used as a guideline for education, but also for organizational development. We work with core teams that have far-reaching responsibilities and powers with regard to education and supervision. The management of the school works from a strong vision and at the same time gives a lot of space to the talents and individuality of teams and teachers. Despite the excellent performances, the Montessori College is committed to continuous quality improvement.

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VWO, HAVO, VMBO-T Nijmegen

The building ‘Beuk’ belongs to the Nijmegen campus of the Montessori College. Here we provide contemporary education for all pupils, vwo, havo and vmbo-t. The building offers optimal learning and working facilities. With plenty of room for students to develop and thrive, as well as private workplaces for work forms that require small scale or tailored guidance.


MODERN MONTESSORI-vmbo & MC Agora Nijmegen

In the buildings ‘Berk’, ‘Vlier’ and ‘Linde’, part of the Nijmegen campus of the Montessori College, we provide contemporary education for the students of the MMvmbo. In the bustling environment of the ‘Berk’, ‘Vlier’ and ‘Linde’, the stimulation of the talents, interests and creativity of our pupils is the most importing thing. This allows them to respond flexibly to the challenges that the future offers them. Learning happens as much as possible by practicing. Not only within the four walls of the school, but also outside. All Vmbo levels are present here. Vmbo theoretical, kader and basis. Agora Education is also located here. They have their space in building ‘Linde’.

MODERN MONTESSORI-vmbo & Agora 10-15 Groesbeek

The location Groesbeek of the Montessori College offers students a safe environment with a positive and homely atmosphere. Vmbo theoretical, kader and basis pupils are encouraged to discover their own talents, interests and creativity. This allows them to respond flexibly to the challenges that the future offers them. Learning is done as much as possible by being practical. The Modern Montessori Vmbo offers a lively environment, which is inside and outside the school. Also pupils with and without ‘lwoo’ can contact us. Agora Education for pupils aged 10-15 is also located here.

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Agora! Education, but different

School subjects have been replaced by research into the world. Homework, tests and school methods are history. On Agora, students themselves discover the world and gain knowledge. They make a personal learning route based on their own wishes, questions and interests. This increases motivation and stimulates the natural curiosity of pupils. ‘Learning is best done in freedom’, is one of the principles of Agora. Coaches guide the students in their own learning route and are therefore called coaches. The parents are also actively involved.

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Montessory identity - The six PSs of our school!

In 2016 some employees, pupils and parents of pupils sat together to see what they really like about the school. The most frequently mentioned points are reflected in six PSs. This is what we like and think is important about our school and to our education.

We give room. And limits.
Talk  nice to me.
Independence is not a requirement, but a goal.
Mistakes are just teaching material.
The world is our school.
Learning is important as well..

Global Montessori Games 2019

The first ever Global Montessori Games will be hosted by Montessori College Nijmegen & Groesbeek in the Netherlands. It will be held from Monday 16th of September until Saturday 21st of September 2019. Do you want to know more about this event for pupils between 12 and 16?

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