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Airports near Nijmegen

Montessori College Nijmegen is located in the South-east of the Netherlands. Several airports in the vicinity, so check which airport is the most convenient for you, when planning your trip to the Global Montessori Games 2019!

Dusseldorf Weeze Airport (Germany)
This is the closest airport to Nijmegen and is located in Germany. It is only 40 minutes away from the centre of Nijmegen. Mainly budget airlines operate in the Dusseldorf Weeze Airport. There are buses going from Weeze Airport directly to Nijmegen Central station (costs about € 18.00), but you need to make a reservation for it.

Eindhoven Airport (The Netherlands)
Another airport close to Nijmegen is located in Eindhoven, and is about 80 minutes away. You can check for the flights to Eindhoven Airport, and then plan your trip from this airport to Nijmegen.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (The Netherlands)
The biggest airpor
t in the Netherlands – Schiphol, is also about 80 minutes away, and offers an easy direct train connection right from the airport to Nijmegen (Schiphol – Nijmegen).

Dusseldorf International Airport (Germany)
A very big international airport – Dusseldorf International Airport – is only 75 minutes away from Nijmegen. You can take the train to Nijmegen from there.

Other airports (The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany)
You could also check the Cologne Bonn Airport, Dortmund Airport or Brussels airport. There is also a small airport at The Hague / Rotterdam.

Useful website to search flights

There are many good websites to look for and compare flights. Here are some that might be useful for you:

More information about the Global Montessori Games

The first ever Global Montessori Games will be hosted by Montessori College Nijmegen & Groesbeek in the Netherlands. It will be held from Monday 16th of September until Saturday 21st of September 2019. The organisation is currently planning the event and more details will follow when available.